Thursday, April 3, 2008

Poor Lars

Horror of Horrors!

Poor Lars! I made a mistake and put his favorite wool tunic into the dryer. Even though the wool had been preshrunk I had never allowed it to be dried on high before. I had always babied it because it was his favorite. He loves the embroidered cats on the front. Well, I'm glad we have this picture now because the tunic is ruined!

Yes, the linen facing obviously shrunk at a different rate and while the tunic will now fit my older son, the facing will have to be replaced. I am going to try to salvage the embroidery and put it on another tunic.

Wish me luck! I'll post it when it is done.

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Anonymous said...

Oh how tragic! I hope you can recover the embroidery, and that your son doesn't sweat to death in the shrunk wool left!